What can we offer?


We design competencies or you can use your own to conduct online learning needs assessments for use in appraisals or to design your learning programme. Assessments can be 180o/360o.


We tailor learning and development programmes to fit your learning needs, policies, procedures, and current challenges. We will spend time with your key people and reflect the latest changes in legislation and policy which may impact your organisation. We offer long, short and single day programmes, with or without accreditation.


Time is money, and our delivery methods reflect this, combining face to face workshops, elearning, and one to one coaching in person or via webcam. Learning materials are accessed via our web-based Learning Zone, which is used to manage programme attendance, assessment (where accredited) and can also be used to manage learning sets or clients own courses. Every client has a dedicated client service manager who is the single point of contact for participants.


All programmes are assessed by participants and regular reports produced for commissioning clients. In addition, ILM and City and Guilds AMSPAR assess the quality of our delivery and marking for accredited programmes. We also produce end of programme Return on Investment Reports.

Please contact us for more information.