10 High Impact Actions – implimenting improvement in Primary Care

Give your practice(s) the knowledge andskills they require to release time for GP’s!

With funding avaliable from NHS England it is a great opportunity to up-skill practice staff to deliver improved patient care.

We have designed a range of training programmes for receptionsists, managers, GP’s and CCG/CEPN Primary Care Leads to put the 10 High Impact Actions into practice.

Have some budget left to spend this financial year? With half day programmes starting from £495.00 for 18 participants, you have a great opportunity to utalise left over funds! (cost dependant on location)

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10 High Impact Action team

10 High Impact Actions – the interventions

Half day workshop

  • The role of active signposting
  • Our patients and their needs
  • The receptionist as a care navigator
  • Making signposting work for patients and the practice
  • Action planning
Half day workshop

  • Introducing triage access systems
  • Online, telephone, text and group consultations
  • Practice website and information leaflets
  • Making these approaches work and the implications for practices
  • Communication and human issues we need to tackle
Half day workshop

  • Ensuring appointment system is fit for purpose
  • Appointment access options
  • Communicating with patients through leaflets, website, scoial media and email
  • What are the implications of high DNA rates for practices?
A range of programmes

  • Short courses for practice staff
  • 5 day Practice Management essentials
  • 3 day business development programme
  • AMSPAR Primary Care and Health Management Diploma for Practice Managers
Full day workshop

  • Looking at workflow and time usage
  • Identifying workflow improvements
  • Tools and techniques for effective workflow
  • Implimenting the changes – action planning
Full day workshop

  • Personal productivity feedback
  • Planning for productivity
  • Right person, right task
  • Syndicate work
Full day workshop

  • Issues and challenges in partnership working
  • Governance, viability and costs
  • Forging and maintaining relationships
  • Communication in collaborative working
Half day workshop

  • Understanding social prescribing
  • Our patients and their needs
  • How can we impliment social prescribing?
Half day workshop

  • Identifying care packages and resources
  • Setting priorities for the practice
  • Communication challenges
  • Signpositng information on the practice website and at reception
5 day programme with ILM Level 5 Service Improvement qualification

  • Develop QI expertise
  • Looking for improvement
  • Looking for efficiencies
  • Tools and techniques for efficency
  • Managing the changes – action planning

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