About 360 feedback

360 feedback is often used around teams, departments and whole organisations to identify gaps in competencies and skills and to create a rich learning needs analysis.

Our tool is run through our online Learning Management System, FlexiLearner, and is bespoke to your organisation.

For each staff member you will see an individual report showing how peers, reports and line managers rate the staff member’s competence against their own self-rating. The downloadable report can be used to steer their appraisal discussion and to create meaningful learning strategies.

Global reports will show the competence gaps across the organisation and be used as the basis of the corporate training plan.

E360 can be updated at any time to log progress.


Ready-made competencies
No in-house competencies or no time to write them? No problem! We have off-the-shelf for different roles and departments that you can use. Our ‘ACTIVE’ competency framework for all levels of management is designed to National Operational Standards and to ILM, CMI and City & Guilds management standards.

Custom-made competencies
To get the best results from 360 feedback we can help you create your own competencies, we consultation With your workforce and we will put them onto the system for you to use.

15 years’ experience
We have been developing and refining online 360 outcomes for over 15 years for organisations with up to 3,000 employees.

Live reports

FlexiLearner is an online platform that will give you live graphed reports on training needs for individuals, teams, departments and the organisation, all you need to do is log on!

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