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Cherith Simmons Dip Ed (Freobel Institiute) After a management career with the DHSS, responsible for personnel, the setting up of its video production unit, and working in two policy divisions, Cherith joined the Industrial Society in a business development and training role. In 1989 she left the Industrial Society to found her own consultancy working with a wide range of blue chip clients. Cherith specialises in HR related training and is also expert in complex dispute resolution and strategy planning

Moving to a Multi-skilled Practice

Moving to a Multiskilled Practice. You’ve all heard the announcement in the supermarket, ‘Will all multiskilled staff go to the checkouts’. What does that mean and what relevance does that have to running a practice?  What the supermarkets are good at is training people to a consistent standard and giving them a sufficiently wide range [...]

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Team Building

In earlier times, it was not hard to build a team. The Navy simply sent a squad ashore, rounded up some likely looking lads and hey presto – you have a crew! After time and under severe discipline they would become an effective team. In the civilian world career choices were only for the privileged. [...]

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