About the programme

This programme is for those involved in commissioning and procurement within the public sector.
It is designed to be a blueprint for SMART procurement for the future. Its approach is designed to reduce service delivery costs whilst maintaining quality and customer satisfaction.

How is the programme run?
This programme is run by distance learning.
It can also be delivered in-house for cohorts of 8-16 participants, call us on 01932 856565 for more information or see our webpage.

ILM endorsement and accreditation
This programme is endorsed by ILM.
You can optionally complete the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Service Improvement at the same time for only £289.00.

Commissioning and Procurement Programme Content

  • Gap analysis
  • Research techniques and stakeholder analysis
  • Transaction costs/triaging work/web options
  • Applying DMAIC & DMADVA
  • Using Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen
  • Service optimisation using the 7 Wastes and 5 Why’s
  • Innovation using Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Supplier engagement
  • Market position statements
  • Soft market testing
  • Supplier relationship development
  • Mapping the market – Porter’s 5 Forces
  • Suppliers pricing approaches
  • Cost benefit analysis/Social Value Act
  • Social return on investment/Social Impact Bonds
  • Outcome based contracts and payment by results
  • Process mapping/Rich pictures/CTQ Trees/Decision matrices
  • PIN, EOI, PQQ’s, ITT’s
  • The Tender process
  • Criteria/Pricing/Risk
  • How do contracts work? What must they contain?
  • How can they be changed/reviewed/extended or terminated?
  • Award and contractor briefings
  • Stakeholder involvement and feedback
  • Contract and relationship management
  • Succession planning and processes
  • The art of negotiation
  • Contract review
  • Cost management
  • Feedback and changes
  • Case studies

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