ILM Endorsed Commissioning and Procurement Certificate

Incorporating the ILM level 5 certificate in Service Improvement

This programme covers all aspects of commissioning and procurement in all public sector environments. Customised versions are available for Health & Local Government.

Designed to give commissioners a grounding in best practice for supply chain management in the public sector. It covers the whole process of service assessment and design through co-production with stakeholders and moves on to cover market shaping and development.

The last two modules are concerned with the legal restrictions and freedoms available within the EU procurement rules and the management of contractors in using a partnership approaches.

Delivery Method

Highly interactive workshops supported by course material.

The value of the face-to-face workshop are maximised by completing some work before the session.


Commissioning and Procurement Programme Content

  • Understanding stakeholder needs and service design
  • Market engagement and development
  • Effective commissioning and procurement
  • Managing contracts and relationships

4 days delivered 3-4 weeks apart.

Workshops start at 9:30am and finish at 5:00pm

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