About ILM

The Institute of Leadership and Management was formed in 2002.

It is the most recognised awarding body for Leadership and Management in Europe, and the most specified awarding body for the UK public sector.

ILM serves nearly 20,000 management learners and 22,000 members in the UK and overseas. They provide a wide range of Leadership and Management qualifications, for all sectors.

All qualifications are benchmarked to National Standards at levels 2 to 7 as appropriate.  The syllabus content is overseen and approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Learners gain free student membership during the programme and access to wide range of direct benefits and are also eligible for NUS student benefits whilst studying.

Candidates who successfully complete qualifications are eligible for membership and the exclusive benefits that come with it.

ILM and Cherith Simmons

Cherith Simmons Learning and Development has worked with ILM since its inception and is one of ILM’s Largest UK Centres with around 2,000 learners taking ILM qualifications annually.

We are accredited to deliver Leadership and Management qualifications from levels 2-7.

Our Development Director (Peter Waddell) works closely with ILM on product development.

All our work is subject to inspection, audit and overview by ILM.

Cherith Simmons has achieved  Direct Claim Status which enables us to fast track Certification applications.