Leadership & Management development for every sector

Cherith Simmons designs and delivers a wide range of programmes across all major UK sectors but with particular emphasis on the Public, Health and Voluntary Sectors.

Programmes can be delivered face to face on site throughout the UK or by advanced distance learning techniques. We also offer some open access programmes for individuals.

In all cases they are supported by FlexiLearner, our free client branded Learning Management System.

Public Sector

Wycombe District Council – competency design and 360 assessments

Cherith Simmons designed and developed a bespoke competence framework for Wycombe for all levels of management and staff.  The development used focus groups and surveys and incorporated full union collaboration throughout.

The competencies were used to populate Cherith Simmons on line 360 degree assessment programme E360 and used to determine training needs.

Cherith Simmons also delivered a wide range of training course covering most management skills.

Private Sector

Sony UK: Management & Supervisory development

Cherith Simmons was selected to design and deliver a 3 year European management development programme for first line managers and supervisors from Sony’s European operations

The programme was delivered at various locations in the UK and covered over 150 managers, over a 3 year period awarding them with the ILM Certificate in Management at Level 3

The programme featured specially written exercises, case studies and simulations

Health Sector

 NHS England – Commissioning & Procurement

4 day commissioning and procurement programme incorporating the ILM Level 3 & 5 Certificate in Service Improvement.

This programme was specially tailored for NHS England to reflect a greater concentration on the management of larger scale contracts.

The programme was delivered on site.

The programme was supported by a client branded customised version of our Learning Management System & complementary elearning.