Doing things differently

Systems thinking practitioners are key to creating, supporting and driving strategic solutions to the complex challenges facing organisations in all sectors.

  • In the private sector it may be about forging relationships, systems and processes that power collaboration, in manufacture, supply chain management, marketing and service delivery.
  • In the public sector it will focus on the necessity to deliver more with limited amounts of public budget, without diminishing service quality.
  • In health & social care, it will be creating the solutions, systems and mindsets that deliver integrated care in a world where clinical and professional staff resources will never keep pace with demographics, population grown and rising expectations.  In this scenario the only solutions must focus on increasing the productivity of a precious staff resource by doing things differently.

They are an essential and powerful catalyst in the organisation of the future.  They make sense of complex situations and challenges and deliver sustainable and viable solutions. This programme is about acquiring and developing the mindset, tools, and systems techniques to constructively challenge the status quo and create new solutions which organisational leaders will need to adopt to survive and thrive in a challenging world.

Joining Critera

Employers can set their own criteria for learners and can take advantage of Apprenticeship Levy funding for this Masters Level programme.  Typical job roles might include:

  • Transformation leads
    • Strategic Planners
    • Systems leads
    • Current Systems Thinking Practitioner
    • Operational leads
    • Board members and CEO’s
  • Minimum entry requirements to qualify for levy funding are an A* – C in English and Maths at GCSE or equivalent. A skills audit and interview process are mandatory.
  • To qualify for levy funding learners must have been a UK/EEA/EU resident for the last three years.
  • Successful learners will automatically qualify as an ‘Advanced Practitioner’ with SCiO, the professional body for Systems Practitioners.

About the programme

The programme is delivered over 30 months combining highly interactive virtual workshops, progressive work-based assessments and improvement projects, individual tutoring and mentoring. It will be delivered by some of the world’s leading experts in systems theory and practice. The course delivery runs on a six-week cycle with 3 days of workshops, either face to face, online or available as recordings. There are three strands to the delivery:

  1. Systems approaches – which are about how to understand, diagnose, design or develop systems, whether work systems, social systems or economic systems.
  2. Intervention skills – which are needed to work effectively within an organisational context when you are using the systems approaches
  3. Learning sets to support and check on the learning process and develop the behaviours.

Module assessments also serve to build up a portfolio of evidence for the End Point Assessment.

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