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Cherith Simmons designs and delivers a wide range of CLEVER leadershiptm and management development programmes across the UK & internationally in all sectors through face to face workshops, coaching, mentoring and ready to run distance learning for all programmes.
Delivery options include Face to face. Distance. Blended. Coaching on your site or selected venues. Commissioned or open access. All programmes are benchmarked to or accredited by ILM, CMI, City & Guilds or AMPSPAR – Trailblazer Apprenticeships available.

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Strategic LeadershipOperational LeadershipFront line LeadershipLeading PerformanceLeading HealthcareLeading Service ImprovementShort leadership skills programmes
This is a series of postgraduate (Masters level) programme designed to help leaders shape strategy and drive significant improvement in their organisations. Accredited by CMI/ILM Fact to face or distance deliveryGraduate level Certificate and Diploma programmes focussed on innovation, leadership, organisational improvement and development at level 5. Accredited by CMI/ILM Apprenticeships availableEntry level leadership programmes for first line leaders to establish baseline management excellence Accredited by CMI/ILM at level. Apprenticeships availableCoaching input, training and qualifications for all management levels. On site, online or phone. Highly experienced management coaches to Masters level Plus ‘Discuss’.This is a performance management approach rooted in coaching and built around structured conversations at all levels in the organisation.Specialist leadership for health care at all level. Post Covid strategy development Primary care qualificationsReturn on investment focussed 5 day programmes to deliver measurable improvement in service delivery, cost effective and revenue generation. ILM accreditedA complete range of leadership & management hard and soft skills, which can be combined to form short programmes or run as standalone. All benchmarked to CMI/ILM standards.