Who is it for?

The Level 5 Leadership and Management apprenticeship is intended for first-line managers and supervisors with operational/project responsibilities. It is designed to develop practical leadership skills and knowledge.

How does the funding work?

Management apprenticeship are fully funded through a levy scheme operated by HMRC which deducts .5% of annual payroll above 3 million pounds.  Employers can access this fund when they employ an approved Apprenticeship providers such as ourselves to deliver the programme.

Cherith Simmons can directly access the funding to pay for the apprentices’ training. Other schemes provide full funding for smaller organisation, which Cherith Simmons can access on your behalf.

Funding is currently worth £7000.00 per apprentice making the training effectively free except for the accreditation fee.

There are no age or length of service restrictions so apprenticeships can be used to upskill existing managers.

Who is the awarding body?

The awarding body we use for Management Apprenticeships is ILM or CMI

What certification will the apprentice get?

  1. Level 5 Operations/Department Manager Apprenticeship
  2. Level 5 Diploma for Leaders and Managers

How is the apprenticeship programme delivered?

Normally the programme would be delivered face to face using ‘Blended learning’, a mixture of pre-programme study, highly interactive workshops and post-programme assessments to embed knowledge, skills and professional behaviours.

Currently we are running the programme through our Virtual Classroom system with highly interactive live ZOOM/TEAMS workshops in 6 hour sessions.

Programmes can be run for a single organisation or for a group of managers from different organisations through our Open Access Apprenticeship Scheme.

Programme Content

  • Programme Induction
  • Safeguarding, Prevent & British values
  • Learning to learn
  • Writing skills for assignments, projects & reports
  • Introduction to CPD Plan
  • Introduction to Business Case & Plan
  • Change management
  • Leadership & team building
  • Time management & delegation
  • Motivation
  • Marketing
  • Customer service & quality management
  • Finance & budget management
  • Cost benefit analysis & making business decisions
  • Employment law, equal opportunities & diversity
  • Recruitment & selection
  • Interpersonal skills (including assertiveness & emotional intelligence)
  • Influencing & negotiating
  • Communication skills
  • Meeting skills
  • Partnership & collaborative working
  • Conflict management
  • Operational & project management
  • Data management
  • Group tutorial on Writing the Business Plan
  • Group tutorial on Final Review of CPD Plan
  • Training, induction, coaching & mentoring
  • Appraisal, objective setting & performance management
  • Discipline, grievance & counselling
  • Presentation skills