Who is it for?

The Level 3 Leadership and Management apprenticeship is intended for existing and aspiring first line managers and supervisors . It is designed to develop practical leadership skills and knowledge at this level.

How does the funding work?

Management apprenticeship are fully funded through a levy scheme operated by HMRC which deducts 0.5% of annual payroll above £3 million.  Employers can access this fund when they employ an approved Apprenticeship providers such as ourselves to deliver the programme.

Cherith Simmons can directly access the funding to pay for the apprentices’ training. Other schemes provide full funding for smaller organisation, which Cherith Simmons can access on your behalf.

Cherith Simmons can directly access the funding to pay for the apprentices’ training.

Funding is currently worth £4,500.00 per apprentice making the training effectively free for levy payers.

Non levy payers can access 95% of the funding. However levy payers can vire surplus levy funding to non-levy payers if they wish in order to make full use of their apprenticeship fund.

There are no age or length of service restrictions so apprenticeships can be used to upskill existing managers.

Who is the awarding body?

The apprenticeship qualifications will use the ILM format with the end point assessment being undertaken by CMI (Chartered Management Institute).

What certification will the apprentice get?

  • Level 3 Team leaders or Supervisors Apprenticeship issued by IFATE (Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education)
  • Optionally the ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership & Management for which an accreditation fee will be payable by the organisation or learner.

How is the apprenticeship programme delivered?

We are running the programme through live, tutor led Virtual Classroom Zoominars™ split into two 3 hour sessions per day.

These are highly interactive and supported with world class learning materials approved by ILM, CMI, City & Guilds, Ofsted and the ESFA.

There are typically 15 sessions spread over 18 months, avoiding public and school holidays.

The programme can also be delivered face to face using blended learning – a mixture of pre-programme study, highly interactive workshops and post-programme assessments to embed knowledge, skills and professional behaviours.

Appropriate social distancing and PPE would be required at venues where applicable

Programmes can be run either for a single organisation or – through our Open Access Apprenticeship Scheme – for a group of managers from different organisations.

How is the programme assessed?

Most subjects are assessed using progressive assessment – bite sized pieces of work completed after each session and uploaded to our LMS, FlexiLearner. The major piece is a work based Improvement report designed to deliver quantifiable improvement by cost savings, process efficiency, stakeholder satisfaction and revenue generation. A CPD plan is also required.

How is the programme supported?

Our Moodle based LMS FlexiLearner gives 24/7 worldwide access to programme schedules, materials, guidance, the learner forum and links to further learning. All submissions are uploaded for marking through FlexiLearner, which also sends automatic email and text reminders of download, submission and Tripartite meeting dates with the lead tutor, the apprentices and their line manager.

A dedicated Client Service Manager provides a single point of contact for learners and clients and is responsible for the day to day administration of the programme.

Programme content

Day 1:- Induction and Learning to learn, Safeguarding, British Values and Prevent

Day 2:- Change management

Day 3:- Leadership & team building

Day 4:- Time management & delegation

Day 5:- Motivation

Day 6:- Customer service

Day 7:– Finance & budget management

Day 8:– Employment law

Day 9:- Interpersonal skills

Day 10:- Influencing & negotiating

Day 11:- Communication & Meeting skills

Day 12:- Conflict management

Day 13:- Training, induction

Day 14:- Appraisal

Day 15:- Operational & Project Management & Data Management

Day 16:- End point assessment