CLEVER leadershiptm is a fresh approach to leadership and management skills, knowledge, and behaviours. Drawing on leading edge best practice from all sectors, CLEVER leadershiptm focuses on agility, resilience, and the ability to make a measurable difference to organisational performance.

Brave, willing to take calculated risks and challenge the status quo robustly and constructively. Not afraid of the truth and capable of presenting unwelcome facts in a neutral and authoritative way.Uses evidence rather than assumption, anecdote and custom and practice. Able to present facts in a rational and compelling way. Understands how to conduct effective & valid research.Involves others in improvement and change through engagement, involvement and ownership. Delegates and develops effectively through understanding teams’ strengths and weaknesses.Has the skills, tools and talents to see beyond the obvious and prepare the organisation for the future. Uses effective tools and techniques to drive positive and viable innovation.Is aware and mindful, understands team motivation and is able to influence through understanding other’s points of view. Can handle difficult situations confidently. Can resolve conflict and deliver agreement.Acts as an exemplar in skills, knowledge and behaviours. Acknowledges skill and experience in others and coaches strongly for improved performance. Is fair and unbiased and open to structured suggestion.

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