The programmes were designed to upskill and reskill a wide range of customer facing and internal managers including Ombudsmen.


The programme focussed on operational management skills within a fast-evolving organisation which has undergone rapid change in response to changes in financial markets and government regulation.

Most managers already possessed degree level qualifications, so the programme was focused on the development of high-level practical skills with relevant case studies and a high degree of interactivity and challenge to engage learners.

For the FOC’s Coventry based learners we delivered a distance learning version of the programme.

2 programmes were run at levels 3 & 5, both accredited at Certificate level by ILM.


The programme was well attended and over 90% completed the programme with 80% also completing the qualification which embodied work-based improvement reports designed to produced quantifiable savings and service improvements.

Significant service improvements and cashable savings have been identified through the improvement reports which are the prime assessment method.

This contains ROI and Cost Benefit Calculations and is designed for practical workplace application.