We work with leading organisations across all sectors delivering CLEVER Leadership™ solutions via a range of learning and development interventions tailored to your needs.

Many of our programmes are accredited by CMI/ILM at levels 3, 5 & 7 – all are benchmarked to national standards and incorporate the latest innovation and best practice from all sectors.

We work across the UK and overseas, delivering face to face, by distance learning and by blends of the two.

We also offer a wide range of short courses.

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How We Work

Attended learning

All our programmes can be delivered on site at your venue of choice.*

Typically, modules are monthly with Precourse work, highly interactive workshops supported by workbooks, tailored case studies, exercises and extensive links to further web based learning.

For accredited programmes assessment is in bite sized assignments. As well as work based business cases and improvement reports designed to deliver improved service, reduced cost and increased viability for your organisation.

Our reporting mechanisms means clients have a complete picture of their learner’s progress and support needs.

*Subject to government social distancing guidelines for COVID 19

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How We Work

Distance learning

All our programmes can be accessed by distance learning which is ideal for dispersed or remote workforces and requires no venue costs.

Programmes are supported by our LMS which offers interactivity and access to substantial accredited learning resources. Interactive webinars, tutorials and virtual classrooms engage participants in the learning experience as a group. Learners receive individual support and tutorials to ensure their learning needs are met successfully.

Learner forums allow interactivity and support within the group and our reporting system makes progress visible to clients and awarding bodies.

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How We Work

Mixed mode (Blended Learning)

We can combine both methods of learning where this makes sense, and to reduce venue and delivery costs.

Some subjects undoubtably benefit from face to face sessions. Leadership, change, interpersonal skills and performance management for instance, but some purely knowledge based subjects such as finance and employment law, as well as other compliance based subjects can equally well be delivered via distance learning.

Mixed mode schedules are individually designed to suit your operating environment.

Clients have full sight of learners’ progress at all times and regular reports are supplied as a matter of course.