This is a large-scale multi-level management development programme delivered by Cherith Simmons over 3 years.

The core delivery is based on a blended learning approach.

Highly interactive workshops based on action learning principles are reinforced by pre course work in subject specific workbooks downloaded from the customised learning management system we have set up free of charge for Surrey as part of our contract offer.

Learners download workbooks and complete some elements to bring to workshops. Usually these are about self-assessment across a wide range of skills such as leadership styles, team role preferences, self-assessment on influencing skills, assertiveness skills, delegation skills, emotional intelligence etc.

Programs have been delivered at Level 3, 5 and 7 Diploma level. The level 7 programme targeted Education Psychologists who faced budget cuts and serious challenges in the maintenance of their service.

The coordinated and collaborative improvement projects embedded in the level 7 programme improved service delivery by reconfiguring the service and achieved this with £3 million less funding.