We have run a series multi-level leadership and management programmes covering all aspects of management skills, integrating with the council’s policies and processes which are embedded in our programmes.

Wandsworth have found that accredited programmes generate better attendance patterns, and this programme has been ILM accredited at levels 3 and 5.


Like all councils Wandsworth is faced with falling government funding, increasing public expectations and the unstoppable challenge of demographics.

It also faced the symptoms of its own success in low taxing and high perceived service delivery which although fit for purpose when conceived have been left behind as expectations have increased and central government grant funding has been withdrawn.

Our work has been around creating an officer mindset which delivers the adaptive, savvy skills set which the ‘The 21st Century Public Servant’ articulates.


The programme is well regarded, and places are sought after as a consistent pattern of promotions and advancement has emerged for attendees.