Who is the programme for?

The ILM Level 7 Certificate, Diploma in leadership and management programme is designed for senior managers and other leaders who shape strategy in their organisation. The programme will embody Cherith Simmons CLEVER Leadership™ and innovative approaches to face the challenge of a post pandemic world.

It is suitable for aspiring and existing senior managers across all sectors.
Programmes can be run for leaders within an organisation or for groups of organisations who need to work in partnership.

Collaborative working is a feature of the programme and participants will need to demonstrate joint working via Action Learning Sets which can be actual or virtual, depending on the mode of study.

How does the funding work?

Management apprenticeships are funded through a levy scheme operated by HMRC which deducts 0.5% of annual payroll above £3 million. Employers can access this fund when they employ an approved Apprenticeship provider such as Cherith Simmons to deliver the programme.

Cherith Simmons can directly access the funding to pay for the apprentices’ training. Other schemes provide 95% funding for smaller organisations, which Cherith Simmons can access on your behalf.

Funding is currently worth £14,000.00 per apprentice making the training effectively free except for the accreditation fee.

What certification will the apprentice get?

Uniquely we deliver 2 qualifications in one:

  • Level 7 Senior leaders Apprenticeship.
  • Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership.

This means learners have more flexibility in deciding how they present their skills level, and it offers the opportunity to train managers who may not be eligible for an apprenticeship, on the same programme.

What is the programme content & how is it delivered?

The content for the Certificate and Diploma/Apprenticeship is shown below.

Practical outputs include work-based reports and projects which will enable leaders to tackle real workplace challenges, and thus combine study with work.

Certificate participants will also complete a work-based improvement report. Diploma/apprenticeship participants will complete a work-based project with significate strategic impacts.

CLEVER Leadership programme incorporating the ILM Level 7 Certificate/Diploma/Apprenticeship

Level 7 programmes are available via online Virtual workshops, face to face workshops and through self- study distance learning via our Night School programme. Our Virtual Classroom system delivers highly interactive live zoom workshops. Comprehensive workbooks are supplied by our fully integrated Learning Management System. This is a postgraduate Masters level programme, and all tutors hold Masters degrees.

Day 1

Programme Induction – Developing the Reflective Leader, CPD Safeguarding

Day 2

Strategic Change Management

Day 3

Strategic Leadership

Day 4

Developing a High Performance Culture.

Day 5

Service Improvement – Cost Benefit and ROI.

Certificate Learners Finish here.

Additional content for the ILM Level 7 Diploma/Apprenticeship

Day 6

Partnership, Collaborative, and Supply Chain Management

Day 7

Communication Strategies for Leadership

Day 8

Workforce Planning & Development

Day 9

Business and Financial Planning, Draft Strategic Business Proposal Summary.

Day 10

Reviews Strategic Business, Proposal, EPA Portfolio, a Professional Discussion, CPD Review

Day 11

Strategic Decision Taking & Risk Management.

End point assessment preparation

End point assessment

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